Fully customizable automation workflows

Say goodbye to hard-coded text and email notifications. With Adomatic Automation, you can customize and design and test the optimal customer journey, automate repetitive tasks, and more!

Product benefits

What can automation unlock for you?

Convert leads more efficiently with automated journeys

  • Trigger actions when a new lead fills out a form on your website
  • Automate actions over time with conditional logic to check in with new leads and drive them down the funnel
  • Generate needed follow up tasks for team members to ensure leads are properly attended to when an action is required

Work leads with automated messages that drive conversion

  • Time text messages, emails and other actions based on conditional logic depending on how the customer engages
  • Remove repetitive follow-up tasks from team members to work leads and let automated journeys do the heavy lifting
  • Prioritize needed follow ups and focus your energy on non-repetitive tasks that add value

Keep your website fresh with your latest inventory

  • Automatically sync inventory data from 3rd party platforms in real-time
  • Trigger custom events based on actions leads take on your website
  • Prioritize higher converting user experience tests to deliver optimal lead generation performance

Keep data synced across all your platforms & tools

  • Push updates to 3rd party integrations when information or data changes
  • Update data in your Adomatic account from 3rd party integrations when there is a change
How it works

Create a workflow
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