Automotive Use Case
Fogg's Auto sees 25% lift in car sales

Scale your business with data-driven software & service

Work smarter with digital marketing and automation apps customized for your business on a lightning fast platform supported by best-in-class industry experts to keep you going.

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The problem

When software gets in the way more than it helps

Businesses today depend on a wide variety of digital platforms and solutions, but they don't always work together, may not be configured properly, or even lack the functionality you need most. This can cause performance issues that ripple across your business.

Fragmented data & insights

When your data is scattered across multiple solutions, you lose the critical insights needed to make smart decisions, wasting time and resources piecing together data or fixing issues instead of analyzing and actioning on insights.

Disjointed customer funnel

Without a clear view of how your customers are interacting with your business, it becomes near impossible to know what's working and what you need to change to improve performance.

Our solution

Flexible software designed around your data, customized to work the way you need it to

Adomatic's unique combination of software and service was designed to meet the needs of any business model. From tailored CMS systems, data integrations needs, and more, we learn what your business needs, develop solutions that work for you, and automate the rest so you can work more efficiently.

One place for everything

Integrate data from all the products you use and install business-specific functionality using Adomatic's library of ever-growing tools so you can spend less time hunting for data and more time taking actions that improve your business.

Industry experts who can help

Don't worry about getting lost in digital marketing space. Our team of best-in-class industry "expernauts" can help you get set up properly to ensure you're marketing efforts and team members are set up for light-speed growth.

Modular approach

An ecosystem of apps, automation & integrations for anything

We've simplified all of the most common needs for any business into easy-to-use apps, designed to be tailored to meet any need, with a host of additional installable products to augment our core solutions with features you need for your specific business. Don't see one you need? No problem, we'll build it for you.

Flexible product solutions

Customize your setup and bring your data with you

We'll help you create your Adomatic account with the products needed for your business, integrate your data and help configure your digital marketing setup. Don’t see an integration or a feature you need? Don't worry, we’ll build it for you.

Integrate with products you Use
Solera Automate integration with AdomaticGoogle Analytics integration with AdomaticBirdeye integration with AdomaticvAuto integration with Adomatic
Library of products

Get up and running quickly with easily addable products to help you with all of your digital marketing needs.

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Integrate your data

Keep all of your business data in one place. Adomatic helps you migrate your data from almost any source and integrates with a lot of the applications you already use. Don’t see one in our library? No problem, we’ll build it.

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Beginner friendly templates

Get up and running with a few clicks using pre-built templated solutions for reports, emails, automated campaigns, text messages and other assets that are battle-tested and optimized for your specific industry or customize from the ground up.

Track & analyze

Create sharable reports and dashboards to visualize and analyze business performance across any metric you need and optimize your campaigns from actionable insights.

Professional services

Get access to industry experts to solve your biggest issues

Benefit from access to top talent to help solve your business’ biggest problems. Adomatic brings together top industry talent across development and digital marketing to deliver best-in-class software and solutions to tackle your specific problems with one-off or ongoing consulting and first class service support.

Best-in-class agency services

Get white glove assistance in setting up your digital marketing technologies using Adomatic's software solutions and our team of digital experts.

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We're always here for you

We're not just a technology and software business. Get access to top digital marketing and development talent to help with what you need done.