Fogg's Automotive Hits All-Time Monthly Revenue Record for its Service Department

Adomatic's Managed Website and Service Center CRM tools propel Fogg's Automotive's Service Department to reach its best-ever service month to-date.

October 3, 2023
Fogg's Automotive Hits All-Time Monthly Revenue Record for its Service Department

In an impressive milestone, Fogg's Automotive, a trusted automotive dealership in the Schenectady, NY area, has achieved an all-time high in monthly revenue for its Service Department. This remarkable success can be attributed to the strategic partnership with Adomatic, a prominent digital solutions provider that has been instrumental in elevating Fogg's Automotive's performance across various facets of their business. Adomatic's extensive digital marketing services have significantly contributed to talent acquisition and hiring efforts, improved SEO rankings, created a seamless digital experience for customers, and established an efficient, tailored backend CRM system that seamlessly manages end-to-end service appointment processes.

Adomatic's Managed Website and Service Center CRM tools have transformed Fogg's Automotive's service operations, enabling a seamless end-to-end management of service appointments. The result has been a record-breaking month for the Service Department, with customer satisfaction at an all-time high.

Speaking about the achievement, Fogg's Automotive's Service/Business Repair Director Anton Osen stated, "We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone, and we owe a significant part of our success to Adomatic's Managed Website and Service Center CRM Tools. These tools have enabled us to capitalize on service demand while improving our customer experience, ultimately leading to increased revenue."

Adomatic's President, Kathleen Fogg, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, saying, "We are proud to be part of Fogg's Automotive's journey to success. Our Managed Website and Service Center CRM Tools are designed to empower businesses like Fogg's to provide excellent service and boost their revenue. It's gratifying to see the positive impact our solutions have had on their Service Department."

Fogg's Automotive's achievement highlights the importance of leveraging modern digital tools in the automotive industry. With Adomatic's support, they have not only reached their highest monthly revenue but have also solidified their reputation as a trusted provider of automotive repair and maintenance services in the community.

As Fogg's Automotive continues to grow and evolve, their partnership with Adomatic ensures they remain at the forefront of delivering top-quality service to their valued customers.

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